You are Loved.

Hope that can be found in the Word of God

From the Desk of Pastor Mele

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“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

Perhaps the most popular verse in the Bible is found in the citation above. It is referenced by those who have been changed by faith through the person and work of Christ but cited by others who would not consider themselves followers of Jesus of Nazareth.

We all have a deep desire in our hearts to be loved. To be loved by other people for sure, but also to know that we are loved by the One who created us.

Sadly, some journey through this life never feeling as if they are loved by others or by God!

Feeling unloved can change right now. We can’t make someone love us. We can present ourselves to them, but they may choose not to love us.

God, however, loves us unconditionally. Even with all of our faults, He loves us. Nothing more clearly shows God’s love for us than the cross on which Jesus died.

The verse tells us that “God gave,” speaking of His Son. He gave His perfect, sinless Son to be sacrificed for our sins. Our sins (and we are all guilty) separated us from God.

Jesus came from eternity to reconcile us to God. There is no sin so great to keep you from the redemptive power and love of God.

Conversely, there is no sin so small to simply be winked at. All must come under the cross of Christ. But God’s love for us is so strong and real that nothing will sever it.

If you are wondering, does God see me?

Does God care about me?

Does God know what I am going through?

Does God love me?

Please, look to the cross, and you will see His love.

I wish that whatever struggle you are dealing with at this hour was gone from you. But please know, that it does not mean that God doesn’t care or doesn’t love you.

Indeed, your trial may serious. But even amid your trial, God sees and has not stopped loving you. He loved His Son. And yet, because of His love for you, He gave Him so that you could live with Him forever!

I know that it may be hard to accept, but please know that you are loved by your Creator, even in the worst of circumstances.

Rest in the real unfading love of God!